Disposable Electronic Cigar Vanilla Flavor

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Vanilla is a wonderful flavor that is very aromatic and is sweet to the taste. Our vanilla flavored electronic cigars are a wonderful blend of this sweet, rich flavor and the smooth taste of tobacco that will leave you wanting more.

E Cigarette USA disposable electronic cigars are top of the line. They give you clouds of flavorful vapor and the look and feel of a real cigar. The wrapping has the look of a hand rolled leaf. The realistic ash at the end glows orange for a genuine look as you vape and the soft tip allows you to chew your disposable cigar just as you might a real one.

The disposable electronic cigars come in a 18mg nicotine strength and will last 1,000-1,800 puffs. Length of life with these awesome cigars depends on the vaper. A heavier vaper who inhales deeper may get fewer puffs than a light to moderate vaper would so keep this in mind when placing your order. These cigars come ready to use and will work until the battery runs down.

NOTE: As a disposable item, there are no returns or exchanges

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