eGo-V Variable Voltage Battery Passthrough

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Variable Voltage 650/1100mAh E-cigarette Battery EGO-V,  eGo Twist Battery Accurate to 0.1V

With the Passthrough charging feature you are able to use the battery while it's charging. Moreover, the Li-polymer cell makes it the most safe V.V device in the market, no more worries when you enjoy vaporing. experience the variable voltage It’s a first MID-SIZE advanced device with VARIABLE VOLTAGE from 3.0-6.0 V, accurate to 0.1 V . 

  • Soft button with high tactile impression
  • Compatible with CE4/5,VIVI NOVA,DCT and other 510/EGO atomizers
  • 650 mah li-polymer lithium battery gives maximum 500 continuous puffs, and safer to use.
  • 3.0-6.0V Digital voltage setting,accurate to 0.1v, always gives you perfect smoking 
  • Mini usb port for charging.
  • 5-click on/off function prevents accidental activation. 
  • Voltage buttons with 3-second press lock/off function prevents accidental activation.    
  • Voltage range: 3.0-6.0 V(0.1 V)
  • Battery: Li-polymer ,650mAh/1100mAh
  • Battery protection function: Yes
  • Button type: Soft silicon
  • Battery size: L114*14 MM
  • Weight: 62 gram/signal battery ;122 gram/with package
  • USB passthrough charging: Yes
  • Input : 5 V/ 500 mAh 
  • Compatibility All eGO/510/901 system atomizers
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