eLiquid 10ml Ruyan 4 / RY 4 flavor
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10ml RY 4 Flavor Vapor Smoke

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10ml RY 4 Flavor Vapor Smoke

Our RY4 vapor smoke from Logic Smoke is one of our most popular tobacco flavors. It has a mild, full flavored tobacco taste with a gentle caramel undertone that will satisfy the taste buds of those who enjoy tobacco flavors as well as those who don't call tobacco flavors one of their favorites. Pick up a bottle of our Logic Smoke RY4 E-liquid and be pleasantly surprised.

With the perfect blend of an 80/20 PG/VG mix (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin: organic, food grade preservative compounds), you'll get the best flavor concentration along with the perfect amount of vapor to satisfy your vaping needs.

The 10ml bottle is a convenient and economical size for purchasing in quantity. Fill your clearomizer or other e liquid atomizing device directly from the bottle or use it to refill your smaller travel-size e liquid bottles. You'll be ready and have liquid on-the-go at any time.

5 Levels of e Liquid Density Are Available:

  • {X High 24mg}
  • {High 16mg}
  • {Medium 11mg}
  • {Low 06mg}
  • {No Nicotine 00mg}
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