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2.8ml Vivi Nova Tank System

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2.8ml Vivi Nova Tank System Replaceable Coil Heads

The 2.8ml ViVi Nova clearomizer has stood the test of time and remained a company favorite here at E Cigarette USA. This amazing clearomizer holds up to 2.8ml of liquid measured by a scale etched onto the side of the clearomizer. Although, we recommend filling it to 1.4ml to achieve optimum vapor production. The ViVi Nova is a rebuild able clearomizer allowing you to disassemble your clearomizer to clean it and change the coil inside.

How to fill:

  • Unscrew top of ViVi Nova Clearomizer
  • Tilt to the side and fill with desired liquid avoiding the hole in the center
  • Reassemble Clearomizer
  • Twirl ViVi Nova around to saturate the wicks of the coil completely

How to change coil:

  • Unscrew base of ViVi Nova Clearomizer
  • Remove used coil
  • Screw new coil into the base of the ViVi Nova
  • Reassemble Clearomizer 

Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank System Holding 2.8ml of e liquid the ViVi Nova will give the user an option of an all day vaping The replaceable coil heads system will allow you to interchange between 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8ohms

Compatible Coils: Vivi Nova 3 Clearomizer Head Coil


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