30ml Vg e Liquid Havana Flavor
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30ml Vg e Liquid Havana Flavor

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30ml Vg e Liquid Havana Flavor

You'll feel like you're strolling the streets of Havana when you vape Logic Smoke Havana, cigar flavored e-liquid. With a true cigar taste and aroma. This has become a favorite amongst many cigar aficionados. And when using your MOD to enjoy this classic cigar flavored e-liquid, you'll get voluptuous clouds of vapor as if you had had an authentic tobacco cigar from Havana. Try this and our other cigar flavor Logic Smoke e-liquids and start enjoying today.

Logic Smoke 90/10 VG/PG blend is just what you are looking for if you are a MOD user. There are three different nicotine levels available. You can mix them to personalize your nicotine level to what suits your needs the best. 

3 Different Nicotine Levels:

  • {No Nicotine 00mg}
  • {Low 03mg}
  • {Medium 06mg}
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