5 Cartomizer Dse801 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

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Dse801 Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer Starter Kit

DSE 801 Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer Starter Kit gives you 5 cartomizers to begin your electronic cigarette journey with. Cartomizers are a great addition to the electronic cigarette smoking experience, where you don't have to refill them quite as often as the traditional cartridges. They are also easier to use, as all you have to do is simply screw them onto your battery and begin vaping. For those who like the skinnier, classic cigarette look, the 801 starter kit is perfect for you. The battery capacity of our DSE 801 batteries are 280mAh, giving you an extended life between charges. The batteries are available in automatic or manual, giving you the option of inhaling like a normal cigarette, or pushing down a button for a more controlled vape.

There are a lot of color options for this kit, giving it a more customizable look. The color choices include: silver, black, white, metallic red, metallic green, wood brown, pink, gold, and metallic blue. Don't forget that the cartomizers are also refillable, so get some extra eliquid too to keep them lasting!

Dse 801 eCigarette Cartomizer Starter Kit includes:

  • 2 - Dse801 Batteries 280mAh(Select Color)
  • 5 - Dse801 Cartomizers (Select flavor and nicotine strength)
  • 1 - Home Charger
  • 1 - User's Manual
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