510 Clearomizer | 510 T2 Tank Clearomizer
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510 Clearomizer 510 T2 Tank Clearomizer

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510 Clearomizer | 510 T2 Tank Clearomizer 

This revolutionary new clearomizer is an amazing addition to the Joye 510 electronic cigarette line. It's center has a top-placed wick with cotton strings protruding from it to soak up whatever liquid goes into it to create a smooth flavorful e cigarette hit! 

510 clearomizer for all Joye510 and ego battries. No leaks and No burnt taste.

Simply pop the top and fill using the e liquid bottle. To fill the 510 clearomizer tilt it on it's side and avoid  getting liquid in the center part.

The 510 clearomizers are roughly 2.4 - 2.6 ohms.

Add additional clearomizers and save.

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