Flat Tip Tank cartridges 510-T system atomizers
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510 Tank Cartridges 5 Pcs Empty joye 510 tank cartridges system

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510 Clear Tank Cartridges Atomizers

Semi transparent, empty, flat tip 510 tank cartridges. Each package contains 5 tank cartridges.

To fill empty cartridge, remove rubber cap on bottom of cartridge, squeeze in eliquid from your bottle, and replace rubber cap back onto end of cartridge. Make sure you leave some air space when refilling your tank cartridge, so you do not suck in any liquid when vaping.

510 tank cartridges are reusable until the hole in the bottom of the rubber cap becomes to large. Once this happens, it is time to put in a new tank cartridge in order to prevent leaking into your tank atomizer.

Compatible with: Joye 510 Tank atomizers

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