Apple Flavor Disposable Electronic Cigarette

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Apple Flavor Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

We are pleased to announce that our non tobacco flavored line of disposable electronic cigarettes is back! We have brought only the best and favorite flavors back!

Our tart and sweet Apple mix is sure to give a little oomph to your tastes buds. With a mix of red, green, and yellow Apple flavoring... our Logic Smoke's Apple flavored disposable cigarette will be the Apple of your eye!

This top of the line Disposable electronic cigarette from Logic Smoke has the newest technology. Made up of a cartomizer filled with the best e-liquid and a lithium ion battery; this comes completely charged and ready to go. There is no maintenance involved at all with this disposable e-cigarette. Just open, remove the sticker from the vent hole and start puffing. Its soft tip gives added feelings of smoking a regular cigarette and it is light weight and comfortable to hold and use.

In terms of use, you will get approximately 500+ puffs (roughly two packs of cigarettes) per disposable electronic cigarettes depending on the depth of your inhale. Vape till it runs out and then just toss it in the trash when you're done. This disposable electronic cigarettes comes in High strength, which is 18mg of nicotine and a medium strength of 11mg, along with wonderful flavor you will get clouds of vapor and hours of satisfaction.

Our NEWLY redesigned Disposable Electronic Cigarettes boasts enhanced flavors and a soft tip to give the feel of smoking a regular cigarette. This makes your vaping experience all the more pleasure filled and satisfying.

Nicotine Strengths:

  • 11mg (Med)
  • 18mg (High)


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