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We are proud to bring you top of the line CBD products at competitive prices. We provide several choices when it comes to your CBD dosing needs including tinctures, vape cartridges and CBD Vape Juice. Not only do we offer several types of CBD products but we also have multiple strengths available to meet your needs.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in the Cannabis and hemp plants, not to be confused with its euphoric counterpart, THC. CBD is used to naturally treat a myriad of health conditions including but not limited to sleep problems, anxiety and depression, chronic pain and neurological disorders. Dosing is based on the weight of the person ingesting the CBD.

Taking too much CBD won’t cause an overdose. But huge dosing usually ends up being a waste and unneeded by most CBD users.(Doses below are recommended to be taken twice a day.)

  • If you weigh 0-85LB: 10mg (mild symptoms) 15mg (severe symptoms)
  • If you weigh 86-100LB: 12mg (mild symptoms) 20mg (severe symptoms)
  • If you weigh 101-150LB: 15mg (mild symptoms) 25mg (severe symptoms)
  • If you weigh 151-200LB: 20mg (mild symptoms) 30mg (severe symptoms)
  • If you weigh 200+: 25mg (mild symptoms) 40mg (symptoms severe)