MT3 Rebuildable Clearomizer
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Clear MT3 Rebuildable Clearomizer

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MT3 Rebuildable Clearomizer

The MT3 is a bottom coil Clearomizer tank system that is compatible with all our eGo batteries. It features replaceable wicks and has an e-Liquid capacity of about 3ml.

To fill, just unscrew the bottom, fill with your favorite flavor of e-Liquid, screw back on the bottom and you're ready to vape.

Also, since the wicks are located at the bottom of the clearomizer and are always submerged, they stay wet at all time, making your vaping experience a flavorful and vapor-filled one.

Another great feature of the MT3 Clearomizer is the replaceable wicks. Wicks should be replaced every 2-3 weeks depending on the volume of vaping. The replacement of the wick is quick and painless, just unscrew the bottom and replace with a new base, easy as 1-2 MT3.

Compatible Coils: MT3 Rebuildable Clearomizer Base


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