DCT 605 Pipe buddy Electronic Pipe Tank

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DCT 605 Pipe Buddy Electronic Pipe Tank

DCT 605 Manual Electronic Pipe Clearomizer Kit Now introducing this great new Manual e-Pipe using a 510 threaded atomizer (pipe bowl) made of real wood compatible with the 510 threading.

This new model will work with the ICR 18350 e-pipe batteries 3.7 V 900mAh

Charging the battery right from the pipe bowl using a USB Charger 510 thread

e Pipe Tank includes:

  • 1 - Wooden e Pipe T (510 Thread)
  • 1 - Clearomizer Select Model
Compatible Clearomizers:

Compatible CoilCe5 Clearomizer Replacement Heads 2.8ml Vivi Nova Tank System

Compatible Coil: Vivi Nova 3 Clearomizer Head Coil


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