Dct Dual Coil Tank Shell

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The DCT Dual Coil Tank (Shell Only) is the replacement tank for the DCT Dual Coil Tank. The DCT Dual Coil Tank is a 510 threaded cartomizer/clearomizer made of sturdy plastic and stainless steel. This clear tank holds 6ml of your favorite e-liquid and gives you clouds of tasty vapor.


  1. Remove drip tip
  2. Remove cartomizer from tank
  3. Drip 5 to 10 drops of liquid in the filler material, avoiding center hole
  4. Allow filler to absorb liquid
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 5-6 times. (maximum storage is 40 to 50 drops. The cotton needs time to absorb the liquid so do not fill all drops at once.)
  6. Insert cartomizer three quarters of the way into the tank
  7. Fill tank with bottle avoid getting liquid in cartomizer
  8. Slide tank fully on cartomizer
  9. Attach drip tip
  10. Vape

Compatible with: Dual Coils Dct Atomizer


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