Disposable Electronic Cigar 1800 puffs
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Disposable Electronic Cigar Classic Tobacco Flavor

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The lush and distinct scent of carefully-selected and freshly-dried tobacco leaves cultivated in Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo valley, renowned the world over for its premier and unsurpassed tobacco quality, has now been captured just for you. And the heart of its essence is encapsulated in an all-new amazing disposable electronic cigar. The Classic Tobacco Flavor e Cigar captures the potently rich but delicate taste of fine tobacco and dances it on your palate while the attractive aromas enrapture your nostrils with a whiff of “savoir flair” and success.

The Classic Tobacco Flavor e Cigar arrives in either medium, high, or extra strength. But you only get one choice in quality: The Best.

Nicotine Strength:

  • X-High - 24mg
  • High - 18mg
  • Medium - 11mg
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