Disposable Electronic Cigar Flue Cured Flavor
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Dominic Disposable Electronic Cigar

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Dominic Disposable Electronic Cigar Strong Tobacco Flavor

The tobacco flavor of our Dominic Disposable Electronic Cigar Strong Tobacco Flavor is strong with some sweet undertones. Imagine Virginian tobacco fields with rustling leaves in the wind. This flavor is fantastic if you want deep tobacco flavors with a touch of sweetness to round it out. The greatest e-liquid-filled cartomizer and lithium-ion battery make up this device, which is fully charged and ready to use when you receive it.

With this disposable e-ciga, there is absolutely no maintenance required. Simply open, take the sticker off the vent hole, and puff. Because of its low weight and pleasant grip, its soft tip adds to the experience of smoking a conventional cigarette.

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