Drip Tips 510 / 901 e Cigarette Drip Tip
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Drip Tips e Cigarette Drip Tip

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Drip Tips 510 / 901 e Cigarette Drip Tip

Dripping: Is commonly know as a method of manually dripping e liquid directly onto the tank atomizer Therefore,you do not need a tank cartridge to hold the e-juice.

Drip tips, or e cig tips, allow e-smokers to drip e-liquid into their tank atomizers without the need to take off the mouthpiece.

Standard mouthpieces or tank cartridges that come with the tank atomizers are no longer needed. Simply remove the existing mouthpiece, and replace it with the new drip tip that fits your tank atomizer.

As with e cigarette batteries and tank atomizers, drip tips are model specific, so be sure to pair the right one with the tank atomizer you currently use.

Drip Tips Fit: 510 clearomizers, 901 clearomizers, Vivi Nova & Kr808 Clearomizers,

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