801 Atomizer - Dse 801 Electronic Cigarette "PenStyle" Atomizer
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Dse 801 Atomizer - Electronic Cigarette PenStyle Atomizer

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Dse 801 Atomizer

The 801 atomizers are a perfect match for your 801 batteries. They continue to hold up to the classic streamlined look, and when completed with the 801 battery, your e cig will be quite the beauty.

Having a metal netted nub located at the bottom of the atomizer, it produces a decent amount of vapor. Since it is compatiable with our 801 cartridges, the metal nub feeds the liquid from the cotton directlty into the coil, keeping it satured and giving you a vape of constant fresh flavor!  

Available now in White, Black, Red, Stainless Steel, Wood Brown, Blue, Pink & Gold.

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