Dse801 Automatic battery
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Dse801 Battery - Automatic

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Dse801 Electronic Cigarette Pen-style Automatic Battery

Our Electronic cigarette Pen-style dse801 automatic batteries come with a rechargeable 280mAh lithium battery 3.6V inside of it. Making it one of our longest lasting realistic looking electronic cigarettes. The automatic trait of this e cigarette battery allows you to vape by simply inhaling, giving you a more authentic cigarette experience.

Available colors: White, Black, Red, Stainless Steel, Brown, Gold, Pink & Blue.   

Select battery color from the drop down menu.

  • Length: 84.5mm
  • Weight: 12.6g
  • Capacity of battery: 280mAh
  • Normal working voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
  • Full battery can last for: 280-300 puffs
  • Charge time: 3-3.5 hours
  • Life of battery: approx 200 recharges
  • Working temperature: -5C to 42C

Note: Buy in bulk and save. To buy in bulk and select different battery color, add the requested color one at a time to the shopping cart, discount will apply at check out.

Remember:  Never leave your battery unattended while charging!

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