Dse 801 Electronic Cigarette Automatic or Manual eCigarette "Pen Style"
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Dse801 Electronic Cigarette Pen Style Starter Kit

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Electronic Cigarette Dse 801 Pen Style Kit

 DSE 801 Electronic Cigarette Kit contains electronic cigarettes that are Pen Style. For those of you who prefer the longer, sleeker look, this is the kit for you. The battery capacity of our DSE 801 batteries are 280mAh. Batteries also are available in automatic or manual options for your preference.

 The color options for this kit include: silver, black, white, metallic red, metallic green, wood brown, pink, gold, and metallic blue. Don't forget that the cartridges are refillable, so get some extra eliquid too!

 Dse 801 Pen Style Starter Kit includes: 

  • 2 - Rechargeable Batteries w/Red Led lights (Select battery option)
  • 1 - Atomizer
  • 1 - Home Charger
  • 5 - Cartridges (Tobacco flavor High, Medium, Low, Non nicotine levels)
  • 1 - Instruction manual
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