Dse801 Passthrough - White Manual or Automatic Penstyle e Cigarette
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Dse801 Passthrough

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Dse801 Electronic Cigarette Usb Passthrough

On sale now! First come, first serve! The Dse 801 Pass-Through Electronic Cigarette is an advanced alternative that will allow you to skip batteries all together and use your computer as a personal electronic cigarette battery! The 801 Pass-Through has a USB on one end to be inserted into your computer and Dse801 threading on the other end for your Dse801 Atomizers and Cartomizers. Just insert the USB plug into the port on your computer, attach your cartomizer or atomizer, and vape!

Dse801 Electronic cigarette Usb passthrough connector with a manual or automatic battery. Connect the 801 atomizer to the battery and plug it into your computer and vape all day without worrying about charging.

Remember:  Never leave your battery unattended while charging!

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