801 Atomizer - Dse 801 Electronic Cigarette "PenStyle" Atomizer
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Dse801 Tank Atomizer - Tank System 801

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Dse801 T Tank Atomizer Electronic cigarette PenStyle

$2.99? WHAT A DEAL!

The 801 tank atomizers completed with a 801 automatic or manual battery, gives you a perfectly sized e cigarette. the 801 tank atomizer has a needle like cylinder at the bottom of the atomizer, which feeds directly into the 801 tank atomizer. It keeps your atomizer running smoothly and flavor filled as the needle directs liquid into the coils heating system and keeps your e cig saturated.

Electronic cigarette PenStyle Tank system Atomizer Original DSE801 eCig Atomizer

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Available colors: Silver, Black, White, Metallic Red, Pink, Metallic Green, Metallic Blue, and Wooden Brown

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