901 Tank e Cigarette starter kit
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Dse901 Tank e Cigarette starter kit

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DSE 901 Tank System e Cigarette Starter Kit

Classic DSE 901 e cigarette starter kit is now available in a tank system. Tank cartridges are refillable over and over again. They hold more eliquid than your traditional cotton cartridges. The batteries are still the strong 3.7v 180mAh strength. The tank cartridges drip eliquid directly to the tank atomizer, never having to deal with cotton refills again! A tank cartridge holds up to 1.1mL of eliquid at a time. The tank system creates a generous amount of vapor for a great smoking experience.

There are several color choices to choose from, including: metallic red, metallic blue, white, black, gold, pink, and silver.

Have all you need to get started by purchasing extra 901 empty tank cartridges and a bottle of eliquid!

DSE 901 Tank System Starter Kit contents:

  • 2 - DSE 901 automatic batteries w/ Red LED indicator light
  • 2 - DSE 901 Tank Atomizer
  • 1 - Home Charger W/ USB Port
  • 1 - USB Charger
  • 5 - Tank Cartridges Blank
  • 1 - User's Manual

There are several ways to refill the tank cartridge, either by dripping directly into the cartridge from the eliquid bottle or by using a syringe with a needle. To use the syringe, simply extract e-liquid from the bottle using the syringe needle and then inject it, as needed, into the cartridge.(Syringe is sold separately.)

Compatible Atomizers: 901 Tank Atomizers

Compatible Cartridges: 901 Tank Cartridges

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