E Vaporizer 30 Watt Vape Box Mod Combo Kit

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E Vaporizer 30 Watt Vape Box Mod Combo Kit

The matrimony of both of these devices makes for a stunning electronic cigarette. With the ECU Vase's bulbous hourglass figure paired with the light and square ECU 30 Watt, your e cigarette will be the talk of the town!

But it’s not just its appearance that will draw you in! The ECU Vase has a Dual Coiled system that when used with an appropriate wattage gives nothing but a smooth and powerful vaping experience. Its ability to have a replaceable coil allows for longevity at a much lower cost and a flavor booster!

The ECU 30 Watt has a variable voltage/ wattage feature which can be seen on its OLED display screen along with your ohms and battery life. It has a pre-installed 2200 mAh battery and has a high wattage output that can produce more vapor when paired with lower ohmed clearomizers.

With the rebuildable ECU Vase Clearomizer and the VV/VW features on the ECU 30 Watt this package deal makes for a well-priced and personalized kit.

Kit Contents:

  • 1- ECU Vase Series Clearomizer (choose color)
  • 1- ECU 30W Box Mod (choose color)
  • 1- ECU Carrying Case
  • 1- USB Charging Cord
  • 1- Ego to 510 Adapter
  • 1- 10ml of Liquid (choose flavor and nicotine)

**Due to the high tech nature of this product there is no warranty, returns or exchanges. This product is for experienced users and requires technical vaping knowledge in order to properly use it.

Compatible Clearomizer: Vase Series e Cigarette Clearomizer

Compatible Coil: Vase Series Clearomizer Dual Coil

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