ECU 2200 23W Twist battery vaporizer pen
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ECU 2200mAh 23 Watts Twist Battery Vaporizer Pen

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The ECU 2200 23W Twist Battery is revolutionary in size and stature. Keeping with the classic design of a standard ego twist battery, the ECU 23W Twist ranges from 7w-23w with just a simple flick of the wrist. It's perfect for those who want to upgrade their batteries without getting in way over their head. Its similarity in shape to the older models will help transition those who are nervous and new to the "Mod World".

Though it shares some characteristics with the older styles, don’t let the ECU 2200 23W Twist fool you. It delivers quite the punch and is able to handle low resistance atomizers while delivering a hearty battery life between charges. Speaking of charging, another new feature of this great battery is its battery life indicator LED. This LED will let you know what level of battery life you have by a series of colored LED lights. Blue means it is at a full charge, Green means it is partially charged and ref means you need to charge it.


  • 2200mAh super quality battery,
  • 7W-23W adjustable,
  • ohm tester,
  • Supports 0.3ohm atomizers
  • 10 gear bottom rotating with "click" sound
  • Color: black, silver, white, pink, purple


  • 1pc 23w ego twist battery
  • 1pc Gift box
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