EGO-T USB Passthrough
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EGO-T USB Pass-through 1100 mAh

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EGO-T USB Passthrough 1100mAh

With the new eGo t Passthrough charging feature you are able to use the battery while it's charging. Moreover, the Li-polymer cell makes it the most safe device in the market, no more worries about dead batteries when you vaporizng. Compatible with all 510/eGO systerm atomizers DCT,Vivi Nova,CE4/5)

The three LED lights green, blue and red will indicate the power level of the eGo battery.

eGo Usb PT can be use when it's charging. 

  • Size: L 115mm*D 14mm 
  • Weight(single/wit package):62 gram/80 gram)
  • Battery capacity:Li-polymer 1100 mAh
  • Voltage range:3.3-4.2 V
  • AMP Limit:2.8-3.0 A
  • Charging type: USB Passthrough 

Remember:  Never leave your battery unattended while charging!

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