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Electronic Pipe DSE 601 + eLiquid + 15 Cartridges Advanced Kit

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Electronic Pipe DSE 601 + eLiquid + 15 Cartridges Advanced Kit

We proudly present to you this Electronic Pipe Starter Kit. This DSE 601 model is also known as the Royal e-Pipe, and for a good reason. This elegant design brings you the latest revolution in e-smoking by offering a real smoking experience.

The E- pipe offers many advantages: it reduces tobacco damage and it comes with none of the unpleasant side effects associated with tobacco. The electric Pipe is used just like a regular pipe but on the inside it works quite differently: when the smoker sucks on the mouthpiece of the e-Pipe, a small microprocessor makes the e-pipe's atomizer infuse some liquid in it. The e-liquid which comes in different flavors, then creates fumes which contain the flavor of the particular liquid you chose to put in the e-pipe.

The royal electronic pipe produces a great volume of mist to perfectly satisfy both the taste and exhaling effects of smoking. The full e-Pipe kit contains a battery charger and large rechargeable batteries which make the device extremely practical and easy to use. It also contains Nicotine cartridges - here you have a very wide variety to choose from - and a manual in English. Give the Royal e-Pipe a try and start enjoying the new way of smoking!

The Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 Electronic Pipe
  • 2 lithium battery
  • 1 Charger 110-240v
  • 3 - Cartridges 1 High, 1 Low, 1 No Nicotine cartridge
  • 15 - Cartridges ( Select flavor )
  • 1 - eLiquid 30ml ( Select flavor )
  • 1 User Manual English Instruction

Cartridges available in: Cherry, Chocolate, Menthol, Pipe, Strawberry, Tobacco, Vanilla, and USA mix.

Please select flavored cartridges, flavored eliquid and nicotine strengths from the drop down menus.

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