808D-1 Flavored cartomizers
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IMax e Cigar Flavored Cartomizers

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I Max electronic cigar flavored cartomizers

The I Max Cartomizers can be refilled with any of our eLiquid juices.

Flavors now Available in: Tobacco and Menthol 

  • High (16mg Nicotine)
  • Medium (12mg Nicotine)
  • Low (6mg Nicotine)
  • Non (0mg Nicotine) 

Each package contains 5 cartomizers. When ready to refill your cartomizer, gently remove the white rubber top from the cartomizer, squeeze 6-8 drops of your favorite flavored eliquid onto the cotton, replace white rubber top, and enjoy smoking again. All cartomizers are refillable until their is no more cotton on the inside of the cartomizer.

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