Joye 510 Cartomizers - e Cig eGo 510 Cartomizer Brown Color

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Joye 510 Cartomizers - e Cig eGo 510 Cartomizers | 5 Pack

On Special for $7.99 while supplies last.

The Joye eGo 510 Cartomizers come in a variety of different flavors and nicotine strengths allowing you to customize your electronic cigarette experience. These prefilled cartomizers have the ability to be refilled as needed to essentially get whatever flavor and nicotine level you desire with our vast array of e cigarette liquid.

Now Available in: USA Mix, Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Chocolate

  • High (16mg Nicotine)
  • Medium (11mg Nicotine)
  • Low (6mg Nicotine)
  • Non (0mg Nicotine)

Each case contains 5 refillable cartomizers sealed in plastic and can be refilled by popping off the top and soaking the cotton inside with liquid.

Each Cartomizer (Heating Element) can last for one - two full days. Once the cartomizer flavor has changed and the vapor amount is low, its time to refill your cartomizer. To refill the cartomizer remove the white top and drip 6-8 drops of e-liquid while turning the cartomizer.

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