Joye 510 Passthrough e Cigarette Manual Usb switch

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Electronic Cigarette 510 passthrough Battery

Our clearance price is a steal for our Joye 510 customers! The Joye 510 Pass-Through Electronic Cigarette is an absolute godsend for those of us caught up in the 21st century! We are ALWAYS at our computer and now there is a way to utilize it for vaping purposes. This incredible pass-through allows you to turn your computer into an electronic cigarette battery that doesn’t need to be charged or babied. Simply insert the USB into your computer and attach your Atomizer, Cartomizer, or Clearomizer to the Joye 510 threading on the other end and vape away!


The 510 passthrough Battery is available in two options: Manual or automatic.

  • 1. Diameter: 9.1mm
  • 2. Length:67 mm, Use line length: 1.5m
  • 3. Weight: 40g 
  • 4. Connector screw: M8.0
  • 5. Normal Working Voltage:3.2V-4.2V supply power connect with the PC
  • 6. Color: White with Red LED 

How to Use Advanced 510 USB Pass-through: 

  • A. Screw and connect the USB pass through battery together with the Advanced 510 atomizer.
  • B. Place 3.7v battery into compartment box.
  • C. Plug USB end into USB port of your computer and enjoy.

Remember:  Never leave your battery unattended while charging!

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