Joyetech Delta II RBA Atomizer
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Joyetech Delta II RBA Atomizer

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The JoyeTech Delta II Atomizer is a top of the line, user-friendly atomizer that is jam-packed with features that are sure to make your vaping experience exceptional.

This atomizer is made of a fully stainless steel tank that is anti-corrosive and has 3 glass windows to allow you to easily check the level of your liquid at just a glance. The base of the Delta II coils have a rotating ring that turns clockwise and counterclockwise to allow you to adjust the liquid valve. The liquid valve is a feature that is built into the LVC coils that come standard with this atomizer. LVC stands for Liquid Valve Control. The reason for this feature is to allow you to adjust the liquid flow directly to the atomizer to give you the option to enjoy more or less clouds of vapor.

The tank itself has a 3.5ml reservoir that holds enough liquid for hours of vaping and flavorful clouds of vapor. Along with this, the tank comes with a stainless steel drip tip that is streamlined and comfortable to use. This atomizer also has one color choice in stainless steel to allow a perfect match to any color battery.

**ONLY USE A MECHANICAL OR VV/VW MOD SUTIBLE FOR USE WITH A SUB OHM COIL ATOMIZER. This is NOT designed to be used with eGo pen style batteries. It needs to operate with more power than the pen style batteries allow.**

Compatible Coils: Joyetech Delta II Atomizer Coil Heads


1. Unscrew the base and remove it from the tank.

2. Tilt the atomizer slightly to allow you to drip the e-liquid into the tank. The opening is small and using a syringe may be easier than using the e-liquid bottle.

3. Check to make sure that the coil head is screwed tightly into the base before replacing the base onto the tank. When the base is removed it can cause the coil head to become loose.

Make sure to not get any liquid into the center tube of the tank when you are filling and refilling. Getting liquid into the tube can cause leaking and clogs. If liquid accidently finds its way into the tube, wrap a paper towel or cloth around the bottom of the atomizer and blow through it to force out the extra liquid.


1. Unscrew the base and remove it from the tank.

2. Unscrew the used coil head and remove.

3. Replace the used head with a new one. Make sure it is finger tight, so it is snug but not impossible to remove later.

4. Fill/refill the tank if needed before replacing the base onto the tank.

**Due to the high tech nature of this product there is no warranty, returns or exchanges. This product is for experienced users and requires technical vaping knowledge in order to properly use it.


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