Joyetech eVic VT Variable Temperature Control

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Joyetech eVic VT Variable Temperature Control

The EVic VT 60W Temperature Control Box Mod Kit is an evolutionary mod kit that will open your eyes to the new technology that Joyetech has rolled out. Along with the EVic VT 60W Box Mod, this kit comes with the eGo ONE MEGA VT Atomizer that will deliver amazing flavor and vapor clouds as well as a streamlined look to your kit.

This box mod kit comes wrapped in a handsome package of color and style. Choose from Yellow with black striping, Black with red striping and White with teal striping. All three choices have a striking racing car stripe design that will be a wonderful, classy addition to your vaping collection. This kit also includes a rubber sleeve used to protect the "paint job" on your high powered Mod.


The eGo ONE Mega Atomizer is a sturdy, strong tank made of glass and stainless steel that is sure to be pleasing in every way. It has a 4ml tank capacity and is 510 threaded. The base has a push pin connection to allow for a snug fit and air slots built in ensuring good airflow. Speaking of airflow, there is also a built-in airflow control valve that allows you to further control the airflow to the coil heads.

This atomizer has the capability of using two types of heating wires: titanium (Ti) and Nickel (Ni) The reason for this is to allow you to vape at different temperatures. The coil heads using Titanium have red O-rings and the Nickel made coil heads have blue O-rings. This lets you recognize them by sight.


The eVic-VT 60w is a powerful box mod that has so much capability that the options seem endless. Its large LED display allows you to keep track of important information regarding your mod, for instance: voltage, wattage, atomizer resistance, battery power level, amount of puffs and whether it is in VT-Ti mode or VT-Ni mode.

The battery that comes equipped in this dynamic box mod has a huge capacity of 5000mAh. This not only produces all the power you could ever need but also will give you hours upon hours of rich, thick clouds of vapor.

The Variable Temperature or VT function allows you to adjust the exact temperature of the mod therefore improving not only taste but function of the mod as well. This is not its only epic feature. The Evic VT 60W Box Mod also has a 10 second cut off to prevent overheating, has a temperature alert that will turn off the device if it becomes too hot and also has a low power alert that will turn off the box mod when there is not enough power to function.

The Evic VT 60W Box Mod's range in temperature is vast, from 100°F to 600 °F. It has an output wattage of 1W to 60W and an output voltage of 0.5V-8.0V. It's resistance range is 0.05-1.0ohm and also has a variable wattage mode that ranges from 1W-60W.


  • eVic VT 60w Temperature Control Box Mod
  • eGo ONE MEGA Atomizer
  • VT-Ni (Nickel) Coil x1
  • VT-Ti (Titanium) Coil x1
  • eVic Rubber Sleeve
  • USB Port
  • Wall Port


TURNING ON/OFF: Press the power button five times rapidly to turn the battery on. The light will flash several times to signal that it is ready for use. Press the button five more times rapidly to turn off the device.

TO VAPE: Vaping is simple with this box mod, just depress the button and hold as you inhale. It's as easy as that.

TO CHARGE: Plug the micro USB into the port on your box mod. Plug the USB into the USB port of the wall port or any electronic with a USB and allow to charge. Use ONLY the included charging cable when charging your box mod. This helps keep your device working in top shape.

When you receive your kit, charge the battery for 8 hours initially to ensure the battery memory is set at 100%. After this initial charge, leave that battery plugged into the charger for NO MORE THAN 6 hours at a time. This will safeguard from damage caused by overcharging.

TO FILL: Remove the atomizer from the battery and unscrew the base of the tank. Once it is removed, use your bottle or a syringe to drip e-liquid into the tank until it is 2/3 full. Check to make sure the coil head did not become loosened during this process. Replace the base onto the tank and then reattach the tank to the battery.

COIL HEAD REPLACEMENT: Remove the atomizer from the battery and then remove the base from the tank. Remove the used coil head from the base by unscrewing it and replace with a new one. Then replace the base and rejoin the tank with the box mod.

AIRFLOW CONTROL ADJUSTMENT: To control the airflow reaching the coil heads, turn the ring at the bottom of the tank to the left or right. This will enhance or diminish the amount of airflow.

**Due to the high tech nature of this product there is no warranty, returns or exchanges. This product is for experienced users and requires technical vaping knowledge in order to properly use it.

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