K100 Telescopic Mechanical Mod case
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K101 Telescopic Mechanical Mod Case

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The Kamry K-101 Telescopic Mechanical Mod is a classic Mechanical Mod that is comfortable to use and easy to maintain. It has a lovely anodized aluminum metallic shine and comes in a rainbow of exciting colors including red, purple, champagne, green, black, silver and blue.

The K-101 is compatible with a large selection of batteries including button top and flat top 18350, 18500, 18650. It is highly recommended to purchase and use a Kick Chip with your K-100 Mechanical Mod. A kick chip protects the battery from short circuiting. It also helps avoid the overheating of the batteries and provides overcurrent protection. Several sets of holes for venting purposes have been added to this case for added protection.


  1. Unscrew the bottom of the MOD above the ON/OFF switch.
  2. Insert battery (size of your choice) ( + ) side up.
  3. Place The Kick on the ( - ) end of the battery, magnet facing the battery.
  4. Replace the bottom of the Mod.
  5. Twist the colored part of the MOD until it feels snug (but not tight).
  6. Screw on the clearomizer of your choice filled with liquid.

To use, make sure the ON/OFF locking ring is turned all the way to the left. Then depress the button on the bottom of the MOD, holding it in while inhaling. When finished, turn the ON/OFF locking ring to the right to lock it. This ensures the MOD will not fire up by itself if the button is accidentally depressed.

WARNING: The telescopic tube should be fastened on just enough so that when the button is depressed, the atomizer on the device activates. The over-fastening of the telescopic tube will push down the button spring and cause the device to stay "activated". This will cause the battery to overheat.

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