K101 e Cig Mod Viv Nova Clearomizer Kit
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K101 e Cig Mod Vivi Nova Clearomizer Kit

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K101 e Cig Mod Vivi Nova Clearomizer Kit

The K-101 MOD from Kamry is a telescoping Mechanical MOD a state of the art using the vivi nova clearomizer that gives you mouthfuls of vapor and so much delicious flavor.

The viv nova has a 2.8ml tank that allows for hours of vaping and is 510 threaded so you can switch and use them on any of your eGo batteries also. Another great feature is that it is rebuildable. Once your wick is burned out, just unscrew the wicks from the base of the clearomizer and replace with a new wick. Not only that, it is customizable; choose from an array of colors and replace the black drip tip with one in a multitude of different colors.

The ViVi Nova is a fantastic addition to the K101 Mod. Not only does it come in colors that are complimentary to each other, the size of this clearomizer makes the overall look streamlined and classy. You’ll wow your friends and impress your co-workers when you bring out this all around great MOD and its fancy associate the ViVi Nova.

The all metal construction and chrome finish with color accents makes the K-101 a real eye-catcher. The K101 has a 510 / eGo threading for use with almost any atomizer, clearomizer or cartomizer with 510 or eGo threading.

The K-101 MOD from Kamry is a telescoping Mechanical MOD. The telescoping feature lets you use the 18350, 18490/18500 and 18650 sized batteries.

At the top of the battery tube, bottom of the battery tube, and also in the switch assembly there is a safety vent. Along with these great features, the switch assembly features a reverse threaded locking ring that prevents the accidental unscrewing of the switch when it is in the locked position.


NOTE: Screw the button clockwise (to the right) to unlock. Screw the button counter clockwise (to the left) to lock.)

This unit is completely mechanical which means it doesn't have any built in protection circuitry. Please be careful when using this product.

We will not be liable for any damage to Clearomizers, cartomizers, batteries etc. A kick chip can protect the battery from short circuit. It also can avoid the overheating of the batteries and provides over current protection.

The K101 is able to use a Kick chip with 18350 or 18490/18500 batteries only.

Compatible Clearomizer: 2.8ml Vivi Nova Tank System

Compatible Coil: Vivi Nova 3 Clearomizer Head Coil


  • 1 - ViVi Nova Clearomizer
  • 1 - K100 telescoping mod
  • 1 - 18350 ICR battery
  • 1 - 18650 ICR battery
  • 1 - Premium (deep well) zipper case
  • 1 - Battery charger  
  • 1 - Battery Kick


  • 18350: 3.9 inches tall
  • 18500: 4.4 inches tall
  • 18650: 5.0 inches tall
  • Width: 1 inch


  • Unscrew the bottom of the MOD above the ON/OFF switch.
  • Insert battery (size of your choice) ( + ) side up.
  • Place The Kick on the ( - ) end of the battery, magnet facing the battery.
  • Replace the bottom of the Mod.
  • Twist the colored part of the MOD until it feels snug (but not tight).
  • Screw on the clearomizer of your choice filled with liquid. To use, make sure the ON/OFF locking ring is turned all the way to the left. Then press the button on the bottom of the MOD, holding it in while inhaling.

*When finished, turn the ON/OFF locking ring to the right to lock it. This ensures the MOD will not fire up by itself if the button is accidentally depressed. *


  • Be careful when storing Mechanical Mods, we recommend removing the battery and storing the battery in a Battery Case or other container.
  • Do not over-discharge/overcharge - Recharge empty batteries (resting voltage ~3.6V) as soon as possible. Leaving batteries in discharged state can/will cause irreversible damage not covered by a warranty.
  • Don't leave batteries in Vehicles.
  • Don't carry batteries loose in your pockets, purse or anywhere they can make contact with other metal objects.
  • Don't leave batteries alone while charging.
  • Stop using a battery if it looks like its worn, the outer wrapping is torn, or it's acting differently than usual.
  • Avoid over tightening, when screwing together the device. Make sure that you're only screwing the battery cover tightly enough to the point where the battery doesn't rattle around. Over tightening of the Mechanical Mod may cause the unit to continuously fire unintentionally and could damage the battery or internal components.

ECU urges buyers to have a basic understanding and knowledge of the batteries they are using and how to handle them. ECU is in no way responsible and will not be held liable for any injury or damage or defect, caused by the improper use of lithium Ion Batteries.

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