Kamry x5 Wax Clearomizer Coil Head
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Kamry x5 Wax Clearomizer Coil Head

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Kamry x5 Wax Clearomizer Coil Head

One of the awesome features of the Kamry X5 Wax Clearomizer, aside from how great the clearomizer itself works, is that fact that it can be rebuilt.

This means that when you burn out your heating coil in the bowl head, instead of tossing out the entire clearomizer and replacing with a new one; just twist off the glass dome and unscrew the bowl coil head and replace with the Kamry X5 Clearomizer Coil Head.

These bowl heads are made of durable steel with a ceramic insert. The ceramic insert allows for the head to heat evenly. This ensures a smooth, even vape.

The Kamry X5 Coils are sold individually. 

Compatible with: Kamry x5 Wax Clearomizer

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