Kamry x5 Wax Clearomizer
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Kamry x5 Wax Clearomizer

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KAMRY X5 WAX CLEAROMIZER (NOT intended for e-liquid)

The X5 is a top selling wax dome clearomizer with a streamlined look and is easy to use and maintain. The flavor you get from this awesome clearomizer is unbelievably pure. This is because it is made of ceramic and glass, which helps with purity. The vapor production from an inhale will surprise and amaze you. Clouds of thick, tasty vapor will bring you plenty of satisfaction and pleasure. Though you will be wowed by the flavor and vapor from this little clearomizer there is minimal to no scent.

Another GREAT feature of this wax dome clearomizer is the fact that it is rebuildable. This means that you are able to replace the heating coils as needed. Instead of having to toss out the whole clearomizer and replace it, just unscrew the coil and replace with a new one.

The tank itself is made of Pyrex glass, which means it is durable but CAN break so keep this in mind during storage and use. The bowl (or head) is made of steel and lined with ceramic.

Though this great clearomizer comes with clear glass and has no other color choices, you are still able to customize your X5 by replacing your mouthpiece with any 510 drip tip. We have several color choices available which can be found here.

This clearomizer is 510 threaded so it will work on all eGo batteries, though it works especially well with the X6 variable voltage battery and the 1300mAh Twist battery; both at lower settings.


  • This clearomizer is made to use with wax or concentrate. NOT TO BE USED WITH E-LIQUID.

  • This clearomizer needs to stay upright. Though the seal at the bottom holds tight and works very well, the wax or concentrate, when hot, can liquefy and may escape from the mouth piece.

  • Typically, the bowl/head will last approx. 800 puffs. Though this can vary depending on length and depth of inhale, and also whether or not you take care of the inner coils when filling the bowl.


  1. Twist as you pull the dome off so that you pull it off the two black rubber washers at the base.

  2. Loosely fill the metal/ceramic bowl with wax. DO NOT over pack, this will smash down the coils and the clearomizer will not work. (Usually once this happens you cannot fix it so just be careful.)

  3. Replace the glass dome, once again twisting while pushing it past the two black washers onto the base.

  4. Hold the button down for 2/3 of the vape hit. Let up on the button and continue your inhale for 3 sec. (Only vape for 10 seconds at a time. The battery has a 10 second cutoff to prevent overheating.) 

Compatible Coil: Kamry x5 Wax Clearomizer Coil Head

This item has been discontinued.

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