Kamry x6 USB Charger with cord
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Kamry x6 USB Charger with cord

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Kamry x6 USB Charger with cord

This charger is simply like an eGo usb charger; however the post stands out a bit more from the casing in order to allow it contact with the X6 battery post more easily. This charger also may be used to charge any other eGo batteries, but should be used specifically to charge the X6 batteries.

To Use:

  1. Screw your battery onto the charger port.
  2. Plug charger into a USB port on your computer or your wall charger.

NOTE: The light on the charger will turn RED while the battery is charging. When the light turns GREEN, this means the battery is finished charging and should be removed from the charger immediately.

Compatible withX6 Variable Voltage 1300mAh eGo Battery

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