Kanger Subtank Mini Premade RBA Coils
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Kanger Subtank Mini Premade RBA Coils

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Kanger Subtank Premade RBA Coils

If you love the vape from a rebuildable atomizer but don't want to deal with the chore of wrapping your own coil, then the Subtank Premade RBA Coils are just for you. Kangertech shows that they value our time and have given us premade .5ohm RBA coils to simply attach to our RBA decks.

To use your premade coils properly, you must first loosen the screws at the top of your build deck. Place the wrapped portion of your coil where it hovers over your air hole (it should be located between or near your screws). Wrap the end portions of your coil around the screws. Once you are satisfied with the placement of your coil, tighten the screws back in place. Now all you must do is cut off the remaining coil wires that may be sticking out... and you have successfully attached your premade RBA Coils.

The Kanger Subtank RBA Coils are sold as 10 in a bag. 


Remember that RBA and RDA atomizers should be met with knowledge and experience. Always use an ohm reader to make sure your rebuildable coil is at a safe and properly controlled ohm.

Like with any usage of an electronic, there is always a risk factor if the product is not handled with precaution. We HIGHLY suggest only using this product if you are an experienced vapor.

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