Kanger Tech SubTank Mini OCC Coil Heads

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Kanger Tech SubTank Mini OCC Coil Heads | 5 Pack

SubTank Mini OCC square metal coil helps deliver powerful smoke, while the organic Japanese cotton inside the coils give you fantastic flavor. They are simple and easy to replace. Once you taste or see that your coil is going out, simply unscrew the coil from your base and throw it away. Grab a new coil, screw it on, and continue vaping.

  • 0.5 Sub Ohm / Range 15 - 30 W
  • 1.2 Ohm / Range 12 - 25 W

If you are trying to lengthen the time of your coil usage, there are some steps you can take to rebuild your OCC coil.

  • **Before re-wicking your coil, you may want to check and make sure your coil is still in good shape. You can use a battery with an ohm reader to make sure.

The Kanger Tech Subtank Mini OCC Coil Heads are sold in a pack of 5.

Compatible with: Kanger Sub Tank RBA Clearomizer Bottom Plane Dual Coil, Kanger SubTank Mini RBA Dual Coil, Kanger SUBTANK NANO RBA Clearomizer Bottom Dual Coil, Kanger Tech TopTank Mini Atomizer, and Kanger Tech Top Tank Nano Atomizer

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