Kanthal A1 Wires
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Kanthal A1 Wires RDA Atomizer Wire

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A-1 Kanthal Wires

This is high quality Kanthal A1 wire used to rebuild your coils for atomizers/clearomizers. It can withstand heat up to 1300°C-1500°C or 2372°F-2732°F.  This standard, round wire is available in several diameters/gauges to accommodate the OHMs and voltage needed for various atomizers/clearomizers. Kanthal is an alloy composed mainly of Iron, Chromium and Aluminum. Known for its clean taste and being a stronger wire than most, A-1 kanthal wires are perfect for rebuilding your atomizers.

Wire specs:

  • 24 AWG- 0.175 Ohms/in
  • 26 AWG- 0.279 Ohms/in
  • 28 AWG- 0.439 Ohms/in
  • 30 AWG- 0.696 Ohms/in
  • 32 AWG- 1.091 Ohms/in

**Always use caution when rebuilding your coils; test the rebuilt coils with a ohm/voltage meter before using.**

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