KR808D-1 900mAh manual battery. This battery can give a heavy user at least 6-7 hours of vaping. The KR808D-1 Battery is fully compatible with our KR808D-1 Cartomizers.
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Kr808D-1 900mAh Mega Battery

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Kr808D-1 900mAh Mega Battery Manual or Automatic

The Kr808 900mAh battery is the saving grace for all Kr808 lovers with a heavy vaping habit! This battery is armed with a 900mAh that dwarfs the 120mAh and 280mAh and will provide you with hours of vaping satisfaction. With its sleek and stylish appearance it will please your eyes as much as it will please your lungs!

The Kr808 900mAh battery is available with a manual button or an automatic feature. The manual button will allow you to control your Kr808 900mAh battery with the simple press of a button and the automatic will allow you to vape by simply inhaling on it!

The Kr808 900mAh battery is compatible with all Kr808 threaded clearomizers, cartomizers, and chargers.

Note: Never leave your battery unattended while charging!

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