Logic Smoke Premium Soft Tip Menthol e Cigarette Kit

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Logic Smoke Premium Soft Tip Menthol e Cigarette Kit 

The Logic Smoke Premium Kit is a small and realistic Starter pack. The Logic Smoke kit includes one 180 white automatic battery and 2 Menthol 00mg orange cartomizers. The combination of the two make for a classic cigarette appearance while maintaining a light and portable device. The Logic Smoke Premium kit is 510 threaded and comes in a Menthol flavor for those who enjoy the cooling taste it has to offer. This e cigarette is rechargeable and comes with its own usb charger that can fit into any usb outlet for a quick charge!

Kit Contents:

  • 1 LogicSmoke Automatic Battery (180MAH)
  • 1 LogicSmoke USB Charger
  • 2 cartomizers (00mg Nicotine Strength)

Save 20$ when you buy 25 Cartomizers or more.

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