Logic Smoke Premium Soft Tip Regular Tobacco e Cigarette Kit

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Logic Smoke Premium Soft Tip Regular Tobacco e Cigarette Kit

The Logic Smoke Premium Kit is a compact and easy-to-use e-cigarette starter pack that includes everything you need to get started with electronic smoking.

The kit includes a white automatic 510 threaded battery with 180mAh of power, two orange-colored Regular Tobacco cartomizers with 0mg of nicotine strength, and a USB charger for convenient charging on-the-go. The white battery and orange cartomizers provide a realistic look and feel, while the device itself is lightweight and comfortable to use. The Regular Tobacco flavor provides an all-natural taste that is sure to satisfy.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 LogicSmoke Automatic Battery (180MAH)
  • 1 LogicSmoke USB charger
  • 2 LogicSmoke Cartomizers (00mg Nicotine Strength)

In addition to the convenience and portability of the kit, the Logic Smoke Premium Kit also offers savings when you buy 25 cartomizers or more. Take advantage of this offer and start enjoying the benefits of electronic smoking today!

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