Keno Elite Blank Replaceable Pods
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MyKeno Blank Refillable Pods

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MyKeno Blank Refillable Pods

MyKeno blank pods were made specifically for the MyKeno Pod System. The blank pods allow you to switch up your flavor profile while still using the system you love and trust.

The MyKeno Blank Pods are very easy to refill and handle. Simply remove the rubber cap mouth piece from the top, once taken off the silicon layer can be detached and your pod is ready to be filled with the liquid of your choosing.

While any liquid can technically be used with this product, we do recommend using a ratio of 70PG/30VG or a mix of 50PG/50VG.

Obviously pod longevity is based off the Vapers vaping lifestyle and habits, however MyKeno pods suggest to not refill them more than 5 times, as they lose their dexterity the more they are fiddled with.

Sold in Pack Of 3

Compatible with: MyKeno Pod System

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