TGo W e Cigarette Starter Kit
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TGo W e Cigarette Starter Kit

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TGo W Electronic Cigarette Kit

One of the best kits on the market the TGo W Electronic Cigarette Kit features a powerful 900mAh battery A fully charged battery could support a heavy smokers needs for up to 1 full days. All it needs is 2-3 hours of charge time when the battery runs too low.

The atomizer is a tank system atomizer that can hold up to 1.2ml of e liquid.

The Tgo W will work with all 901 model accessories.

Compatible Clearomizer: Dse901 Clearomizers

Contents include:

  •  2 x TGo W Tank batteries
  •  2 x CE3 Clearomizers
  •  2 x TGo W Atomizer Covers
  •  1 x Drip Tip Bottle for Clearomizers
  •  1 x USB charger
  •  1 x USB wall adaptor
  •  1 x User Manual

Note: Please remeber to add e liquid to the starter kit form our wide selection of <a title="e liquid"

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