E Cig Kit 2200mAh Battery Keno Clearomizer
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Vapor Cigarette Kit 2200mAh Battery Keno Clearomizer

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Single eGo II 2200mAh Keno Clearomizer Vapor Cigarette Kit ( Free E Liquid )

The Keno e cigarette kit use a bottom dual coil clearomizer that's a great choice if you're looking for superior power and great flavor. Its body is made of Pyrex glass, covered in a stainless steel shell. This gives you added protection and also a fashionable look. The mouthpiece and base are both also made of sturdy stainless steel.

This kit now includes our ECU 2200mAh 23 Watts Twist battery! This battery is a huge improvement with its wattage range from 7 to 23 Watts. It gives the user more room to get that perfect hit they are looking for, along with the ability to handle lower ohms. It keeps the same dependable long battery life and features an led coloring system. The Led system gives users insight on their battery life with a blue color of fully charged, a green color of a medium charge, and red to indicate that it needs to be charged.

  • 1 - Keno Series Clearomizer ( Select Style & Color )
  • 1 - ECU 2200mAh 23 Watts Twist battery ( Select Color )
  • 1 - Ego USB Charger with cord

Along with it's attractive looks, the Keno clearomizer has several other features that make this clearomizer a perfect addition to your vaping collection. The Keno clearomizer can be completely disassembled. This means that you can take it apart for cleaning purposes or to replace the wicks to extend the life of the clearomizer

One of the great features of our Keno Clearomizers is the fact that they are dual coil and are leak proof. This means that when your wicks burn out, instead of tossing the whole clearomizer out, you are able to replace the old wicks with fresh ones.

They are eGo 510 threaded, come is several great colors: and the body itself is all one piece to make this a nearly leak proof clearomizer. This clearomizer also has an airflow control ring located at the bottom of the tank that allows you to adjust how much airflow you receive.

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