Vhit Reload 1 & 2 Replaceable Wax Coil Head

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Vhit Reload 1 & 2 Replaceable Wax Coil Head

These coils are designed for you to be able to vape thick oils, and keep your Herb and Oils seperate and clean. Enjoy the versatile of the Reload with a simple swap between coils.

To replace the coil, simply detach the metal base from the metal body, and twist off the coil. Once you have disposed of the old coil, grab a new coil and screw it onto the base.

The Vhit Reload Wax Coils are sold individually. 

Reattach your clearomizer and you are ready to vape again, with a new fresh taste.

  • NEW wax burner coil feature
  • Only for the usage of OILS
  • Compatible only with the VHIT RELOAD 1 & 2 atomizer
  • Depending on the frequency of use, the coil life can range anywhere from 1-4 weeks.

Compatible with: Vhit Reload Atomizer Dry Herb Vaporizer, Vhit Reload 2 Dry Herb e Vaporizer Pen

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