Vhit Vast Clearomizer
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Vhit Vast Clearomizer

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Vhit Vast Wax/Dry Herb Clearomizer

The Vhit Vast Wax/Dry Herb Clearomizer specifically designed to produce huge clouds of vapor when used with either Wax or Dry Herb. This makes it a versatile piece that will give you hours of flavorful vapor. Very few clogging issues and smooth airflow are benefits to its patented design. You are able to fully disassemble this piece to allow for cleaning and the coil heads are replaceable. Not only that, it is 510 threaded so it will function on any 510 threaded eGo battery.


  • 1 Vhit Vast Wax/Dry Herb Clearomizer
  • 1 Mini Wax Tool


  • For best results, please apply appropriate amount thick oil/herbal wax, do not overload the coil.
  • To prolong the life of the tank, clean the vaporizer on a regular basis.

Compatible Coil: Vhit Vast Wax Clearomizer Coil Head

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