2.0ml Vivi Nova Vision V2 eGo Clearomizer
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Vision Vivi Nova Tank 2.0ml V2 eGo Clearomizer

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2.0ml Vivi Nova V2 eGo Clearomizer


This clearomizer is the little sister to our awesome ViVi Nova Clearomizer. It looks and functions similarly, boasting replaceable wicks and vapor clouds, but has a 2ml tank. This gives you the ability to take advantage of the ViVi Nova’s benefits without the size.

It's the way to go if you want a superior vaping experience with a smaller clearomizer. The ViVi Nova V2 has replaceable heads/coils/wicks just like the larger ViVi Nova. It is also 510 threaded, which means it will function on your eGo batteries. It also comes in some great color choices and you can change the drip tips so it's completely customizable.

How To Fill The Vivi Nova 2.0:

1. Unscrew the silver metal top from the plastic tube.
2. Add your liquid down the inside, between the centerpiece and the plastic tube wall. (YOU DO NOT WANT TO OVERFILL YOUR CLEAROMIZER. You must leave plenty of room in the clearomizer for proper airflow. Airflow through the warm e-liquid is necessary for the creation of vapor to be inhaled. )
3. Reattach the silver metal top.

If you get the liquid into the center hole:

  • You can clog the atomizer
  • It will make an awkward gurgling sound as your smoking it
  • It may even leak right onto your battery. Luckily our batteries are sealed, so all you would have to do is grab a paper towel and wipe it off.
  • Sometimes the liquid can shoot out through the mouth piece.

** Over filling it leads to less smoke and you risk the chance of accidently sucking the liquid out.


  • 1. Remove your ViVi Nova from the battery and the remove the bottom silver metal piece of the clearomizer from the plastic tube. (Any liquid you have inside the clearomizer will be lost at this point in time.)
  • 2. After unscrewing the bottom of the clearomizer, all of the inside components will come out.
  • 3. Now twist off the wick piece (it looks just like your replacement wick) and throw it away.
  • 4. Then screw in your new replacement wick.

Compatible Coil: Vivi Nova 2 Clearomizer Head Coil


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