Kangertech Aerotank and 2200 twist battery starter kit
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e Cigarette Vaporizer Aerotank 2200mAh Twist Starter Kit

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e Cigarette Vaporizer Aerotank 2200mAh Twist Starter Kit

The e cigarette vaporizer Aerotank v2 and the 2200 twist battery, has to be one of the best combinations of clearomizers and batteries to co-exist in a kit. The pairing of the great tasting dual coiled Aerotank clearomizer and the power of the 2200 twist battery equal a fantastic vaping experience.

The 2200 twist battery is an ego/510 threaded battery with the ability to hold a charge for days. Besides holding an incredible amount of time between charges, it also has a battery life indicator. If the battery’s button is pressed and it lights up this indicates the battery is on. If the battery’s button is pressed and it does NOT light up it is off. Like any standard ego battery, click the button five times rapidly to turn it on. Click the battery’s button five times to turn it back off. **Always make sure to turn your battery off when putting your cigarette vaporizer away **

The battery’s button will change color according to the charge remaining on your battery:
White… Then your charge is somewhere between 50%-100%
Blue… Then your charge is somewhere between 15%-50%
Red... Then your charge is somewhere between 0%-15%
To charge your battery, simply screw the neck of the battery into your usb with cord charger. Because the 2200 twist has such a huge mAh, when brought all the way down to its red indicator it will take about 5 and ½ hours to 6 hours to completely charge back up.

*remember to not overcharge your batteries as it could cause damage, and therefore void your warranty* 

The Aerotank V2 is an advanced piece of equipment manufactured by the electronic cigarette industry powerhouse KangerTech. Designed to produce astonishing amounts of vapor, this dual coil clearomizer is the perfect counterpart to the Variable Voltage 2200mAh Twist battery. Composed of stainless steel and Pyrex glass the Aerotank is as attractive as it is efficient. Along with its exceptional vapor production capabilities the Aerotank is fitted with an air control base with 5 airflow holes to further customize the perfect e cigarette vaporizer hit. Don’t be intimidated by the Aerotank’s high tech appeal as it is a breeze to use. As a bottom filling clearomizer just twist off the base of the clearomizer for access to the inside of the clearomizer as well as the coil attached to the base itself. The entire clearomizer is able to be disassembled and cleaned allowing you to prolong the use of this spectacular kit. 

Along with all the bells and whistles that come with the both the battery and clearomizer, the e cigarette vaporizer Aerotank v2 2200mAh Twist Battery Kit comes with a couple extras to get you started on your path with this amazing upgraded kit. The kit includes two 10ml bottles of liquid, a spare metal shell for your Aerotank, two extra coils, a USB Charger, a wall port, and a carrying case.

The Kit Includes:

  • 1 - 2200mAh Variable Voltage Twist Battery
  • 1 - KangerTech Aerotank v2 Clearomizer
  • 1 - USB Charger with Cord
  • 1 - Wall Port
  • 2 - Extra Aerotank Coils
  • 1 - Extra Metal Aerotank Shell
  • 1 - 10ml Bottles of e liquid
  • 1 - Carrying Case

Compatible Clearomizer: Kanger Aerotank V2 Dual Coil

Compatible Coil: EMOW Clearomizer Coil Heads>

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