e Vaporizer Mod Box IPV Mini Combo Kit
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e Vaporizer Mod Box IPV Mini Combo Kit

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e Vaporizer Mod Box IPV Mini Combo Kit/h2>

This fantastic kit allows you the opportunity to use one of the industry's top notch mod box batteries while giving you the choice between several of our latest sub OHM RBA atomizers to customize your experience.

IPV MINI II 70W MOD BATTERY: The IPV Mini II 70W Mod Battery is a compact mod that is smaller than a lot of the mods out there but still packs the same punch. There are many safety features built into this great mod. These features include protection if there is an output short, protection if you accidentally reverse your battery, a warning for high input voltage, a warning for low voltage, and a warning for low resistance.

The IPV Mini has an adjustable wattage range of 5W-70W and an output voltage range of 3.6V – 8.5V. These features allow you to adjust the wattage and voltage of this mod battery to accommodate different atomizers and e-liquids. The IPV Mini is also equipped with a Yihi SX330V2C chip. By including this smart chip in the mod box, it allows you to go up to 70 watts and to take your resistance down to a lowly 0.2 OHM. Once again these features are used to allow you more choices when it comes to your atomizer.

One more thing that makes the IPV Mini Mod great is its versatile charging options. As with most Mods, this mod uses rechargeable, replaceable Efest batteries in several capacities. Simply screw off the battery cover, remove the battery and charge with the Single Bay Li-ion Universal Dry Battery Charger included in your mod kit. As well as this traditional method of charging, the IPV Mini also has the capability to be charged without removing the battery using an included USB cable. In case there haven't been enough features to pique your interest, you are also able to use your mod while it is charging. This is called a pass-through feature and is a wonderful way to utilize your IPV Mini Mod.

NOTE: Charge your Efest battery for a full 8 hours when you receive it. After that initial charge do not leave the battery on the charger for longer than 5 hours at a time to ensure you do not cause damage to the battery from overcharging.

SUB OHM RBA ATOMIZERS: As mentioned above, this kit allows you to choose from several of our top of the line sub OHM RBA atomizers. This lets you tweak your vaping experience and thoroughly enjoy your vape. Choose from one of the four Sub OHM RBA Atomizers: Arctic SUB ohm Tank, Kanger Subtank Nano, Kanger Subtank Mini, Kanger Sub Tank.

  • The Arctic Sub OHM Tank Clearomizer is made up of Pyrex glass and Stainless steel and has a 2.5ml capacity. It also has Sub-ohm vertical coils that go as low as .2 ohm. Along with four holes for airflow with an adjustable airflow control.
  • The Kanger Subtank Nano is a wonderful clearomizer from the Subtank family. It is sturdy and powerful, while giving you a smaller more streamlined look and lovely vapor production. It only uses OCC coils, which gives you an easy way to vape a .5ohm or a 1.2ohm.
  • The Kanger Subtank Mini RBA is a durable tank made of stainless steel and sturdy Pyrex glass and is a miniature version of the Kanger Subtank. It comes with an adjustable airflow valve that is activated with a twist. It also can be disassembled for maintenance and cleaning.
  • The Kanger Subtank is a powerful, full sized RBA made from Pyrex glass and stainless steel. This too comes standard with an adjustable airflow control valve, as well as its capability to be rebuilt for maintenance purposes.


  • 1 - Mini e Cigarette Mod IPV Mini II 70w (Select Color)
  • 1 - Select Atomizer (Arctic SUB ohm Tank, Kanger Subtank Nano, Kanger Subtank Mini, Kanger Sub Tank)
  • 1 - Single Bay Li-ion Universal Dry Battery Charger
  • 1 - Efest Mod Battery (Select Battery oHm)
Compatible Tanks and Coils:

**Due to the high tech nature of this product there is no warranty, returns or exchanges.  This product is for experienced users and requires technical vaping knowledge in order to properly use it.

ECU urges buyers to have a basic understanding and knowledge of the batteries they are using and how to handle them. ECU is in no way responsible and will not be held liable for any injury or damage or defect, caused by the improper use of lithium Ion Batteries.

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